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Press release

Sarah Capeles presents Christmas Dream, a beautiful Christmas theme.

New Jersey, USA, December 3, 2021 - Originally from Puerto Rico, the international Christian singer, Sarah Capeles, presents during the month of December her new promotional track entitled Christmas Dream. 

Sueno de navidad cover.jpeg

Inspired by ....

Sueño de Navidad is an original composition by the author Gilberto Martin del Castillo Morales, who in addition to being the author, is also an excellent musician and singer along with his family, who are known as the Axa Family, says Capeles. The song was produced at Ross Studio, giving it a musical air of adoration by the hand of Alvaro Ross, and also has the instrumental collaboration of ...........

The launch of Sueño de Navidad is in turn accompanied by an incredible video clip recorded in the city of Washington, New Jersey and was in charge of Olmos Studio. “We shot the video clip on a beautiful 1800s farm on the Hengst family estate, says Capeles.

In this way, the radio launch of Sueño de Navidad is made official, and as of this date, the media is authorized to broadcast the promotional cut. It is already available on all digital and streaming platforms, and the official video can now be viewed on its official YouTube channel - Sarah Capeles

Video clip league: 

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